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The Blue Book

PCMK is a More Light Church and a member of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, welcoming people of all sexual orientations. We seek to end the ignorance, silence and fear regarding this issue. Our mission is to educate our members and the larger community through information and outreach.

"What We Wish We Had Known"

Its purpose is to help families and congregations heal broken relationships and affirm the differences that make us human together. It is intended for those who know very little about the subject, as well as those whose families and personal lives have been deeply affected by misunderstanding.

The subject is considered in four aspects: Science, Psychology, Sociology and Theology. A complete bibliography is found at the end of the work.

Browse through the online book, choosing the topics that interest you most, at least at the present time.

Because of the fear and loneliness around the subject of sexual orientation, our church has produced a helpful and healing resource we call "The Blue Book." There are no mystical meanings here, just a reference to the hard copy version, which has a plain blue cover.

The complete title is, "What We Wish We Had Known --- a Resource to Help End the Silence."

If you want to order hard copies of the book, simply e-mail our church through this website. Don't forget to provide necessary information, such as how many copies, shipping address, zip code, etc. The books are produced on a not-for-profit basis, and cost $3.00 each

A complete Spanish translation of The Blue Book ("El Libro Azul") is also available in its entirety as an Internet resource.


A Russian translation is now available:  

If you like, let us know how you plan to use the booklet: if it's for public education or if it will be helpful to parents or siblings or close friends who want to enlarge their understanding.


The Adobe Acrobat reader program is required to view the Blue Book.

You can download the Adobe reader, free of charge, by clicking on this link.

It is compatible for the following platforms: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000. The download size is 5.62 Megabytes.

For more resources:

please visit the
More Light Presbyterians
web site.

Comments from our Readers

Over the last 14 years: more than 21,000 hard copies of the resource have been requested and distributed across the nation.  We invite you to share The Blue Book link with others who may find it helpful.

Here are a few comments sent to us by our readers:

From central Florida:

"Thank you for sending our parents' group 10 copies of your booklet.  An earlier copy helped prevent a teenage suicide and has helped us heal family relationships."

From Virginia:

"The BB is just splendid!  I'll be ordering more copies after a little bit.  The language is just wonderful - so complete, empathetic, and not "in one's face".  Appreciation to your church for it!"

From North Carolina:

"I gave a copy to my mother.  I'm so glad she agreed to read it and it moved her to apologize to our gay son for the unkind things she has said to him, not knowing.  That meant the world to him - and to me."

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